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The Spire

Returning guest Grant Howitt brings new guest Chris Taylor to play a session of their new game, The Spire. The Ministry of our Hidden Mistress sends Admiral Cranver Laurant (Chris Taylor), blood-drenched assassin Tears-the-Bone (Nadia), and hoslistic priestess Marchion (Grant) to investigate a small town where some of their number went missing. What secrets does Grist hold? Is this team's diversity an asset, or their undoing? How do you define "mission accomplished"?

The Spire is funding on kickstarter right now! You can find it here.


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With weapons in hand and a wagon full of predator stink, Lily, Zeke, Sable, and Isolde must travel the whole Western border of the territories, from South to North. Under their cautious hands and watchful eyes, no predator will threaten the territories this year!

Lily is played by Eliza. Sable is played by Arden. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Zeke is played by Devious Vaccuum.

And our Games Mouse is Grant.

Music performed and scored by Thylacinus. Today's episode was edited by Gnome.


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In today's podchat, Grant talks to Jacob Randolph of Liberi Gothica Games and special guest James D'Amato from One Shot RPG about running a tabletop kickstarter. We compare Kickstarter vs Patreon, mention a few common problems you'll run into while running a kickstarter, and tell you about some important Kickstarter tools you'll want to take advantage of. This episode is chock full of good advice, so be sure to give it a listen!

And also be sure to check out James D'Amato's Dungeon Dome kickstarter, which is going on right now! If you're not sure what the heck that's all about, you can watch the existing Dungeon Dome episodes on youtube.

Kickstarter Tools:

Drivethru RPG:
Black Box:
Third Act:


James D'Amato on twitter

The Dungeon Dome Kickstarter

The Dungeon Dome Youtube Playlist

The One Shot Podcast Network

Jacob Randolph on twitter

Law's Out

​Feats Patreon


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Welcome to our second character creation episode! This week, we build the biggest character in the crew: The Pumpkin Patch, the massive flying shopping mall that we all live in.

Here is a list of every shop in the ship, including the ones that didn't make it.

Friar Pan is played by Clove. Harbinger is played by Ikks. Poptart is played by Joey. Yuria is played by Riley. Aurorealis is played by Gnome.

This episode was edited by Gnome.

The music in this episode was performed by Thylacinus.

The introduction was an excerpt from Castles in the Sky, by DJ Satomi, and voiced by Grant.


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Last Stand Tabletalk

Likewise, reuploaded as part of the site migration process. Last StandLast Stand!


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Strike! RPG Tabletalk

This old tabletalk is being reuploaded as part of the migration to the new site! Enjoy the Chicago Irregulars, for the first time, again!


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It's three on three, as North Patrol's three mice square off against three crabs. With only a fake crab to protect themselves with, can our heroes fight off enemies four times their size?

​Francisca is played by Riley. Marx is played by Gnome. Tander is played by Drakkel. And our Games Mouse is Grant.

Music performed by Thylacinus. Today's episode was edited by Gnome.


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