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To Winter’s End 32: D0X3

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

With the pumpkin patch and char out of commission, due to damage and constant rainfall respectively, the fellowship is forced to rely on Monsoon for transportation. But even up in the sky, danger is still hot on their trail, as Yuria's old nemesis Rath is finally coming for her...

This episode is slightly late because we attempted to fix a lost scene, then the scene became un-lost just as we gave up on fixing it. So a bonus scene will be releasing in the next couple days to go with this episode; please look forward to it.

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Deadbeat Monster Dad 1 - Dads Can’t Juggle

Posted by feats in Deadbeat Monster Dad

Time to meet the weirdest estranged family you've ever seen. Six young monster siblings, all with different mothers, are on a quest to find their weird bad dad. And once they do... well. We'll find out what happens once they do.

This episode follows the adventure of the crocodile woman Bayou Betty (Drakkel), dullahan schoolgirl Brigid (Ikks), and slime thief Tuwaite (medibot), as they run all across the city of Greyhawk, last known location of... Dad.

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Heat 07 - Bridge Patrol Over Troubled Waters

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

With the main task completed and a few day's downtime before her next mission, granny is ready to give her patrol a rare, unexpected vacation. Unfortunately for the Mouse Guard, there's no such thing as vacation - a militia is forming, the frogs are breeding, and there's something weird going on at Tito's place.

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To Winter’s End 31: Monsoon Season

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

The fellowship has been kidnapped, Pumpkin Patch and everything. The culprit? Monsoon, the prince of pirates (played by Arden).

Episode art by Julian C.

The introduction was an excerpt from Firebird by Ashbury Heights.

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