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Summer has come to the Territories, and with the fresh start of the season comes one of the most important tasks of the Guard: delivering mail. Lily, Sable, Zeke, and Isolde stand together again, setting out to keep the territories well-connected and well-informed. Be it rain, snow, floods, ravens, or weasels, nothing will stand in the Guard's way to ensure their postal delivery!

Lily is played by Eliza. Sable is played by Arden. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Zeke is played by Devious Vaccuum.

And our Games Mouse is Grant.

Music performed and scored by Thylacinus. Today's episode was edited by Riley.


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The quiet lumberjack village of Logdale rests in a simple pine forest valley. Poptart and Pan decide to pay them a visit, looking for the halfling Flapjack. But while they're gone, something wild attacks the Pumpkin Patch, with only Yuria there to stop it.

​Episode art is by Clove.

Friar Pan is played by Clove. Harbinger is played by Ikks. Poptart is played by Joey. Yuria is played by Riley. Aurorealis is played by Gnome.

This episode was edited by Gnome.

The music in this episode was performed by Thylacinus.

The introduction was an excerpt from Clear Blue Sky by Poets of the Fall, and voiced by Grant.

Ikks had to leave at the end of the previous episode, so Harbinger only appears at the end, in a bit we recorded later.


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