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13a campaign 39c: The Fallen and the Yet-To-Fall

Posted by feats in 13th Age

With a victory and the object of their quest in hand, the Rogue Elements learn the true identity of the Deathkillers: fallen angels who seek to destroy death itself by crushing the underworld, rumored to lie just below the Undermarch.

13a campaign 39b: The Minecart Method

Posted by feats in 13th Age

Dwarven corporal Lance Marbedis suggests the relic is in the hands of the Deathkillers, an enigmatic cult of anti-undead extremists. To this end, the party ventures deeper into the Undermarch, a great underground bridge connecting the current and former capitals of the dwarves. To get the relic an ingenious plan is hatched.

13a campaign 39a: Chuul in the Cavern

Posted by feats in 13th Age

As recompense to Mayor Khetehk of Misty Hill, the party agrees to retrieve a relic capable of seeking out a body’s soul. Before they can reach it, they have to get past a Chuul infestation in their secret entrance to the Undermarch.

13a campaign 38b: The State of the Scroll

Posted by feats in 13th Age

When they escape to Hellmarsh, Wanda reveals she was hired by the witches residing there to save/kidnap Claude from CREAM’s “protective” custody. As they assist in fighting off CREAM’s pursuers, they reveal to Claude that he is the First Scroll of Resurrection.

13a campaign 38a: An Operatic Onslaught

Posted by feats in 13th Age

Meanwhile, in the dwarven capital of forge, the luminary thespian Claude Luminor (Ambisagrus), acting coach Violetta Spellreguard (Wolfshirt), and agenda-laden audience members Debentiel (PoorWeather) and Wanda Hiltpick (General Ironicus) are forced to escape the theatre as props and actors become the undead they portray— as if the play itself is violently coming to life

13a campaign 37b: Misguided Morals

Posted by feats in 13th Age

Arriving for a pit-stop in the town of Misty Hill, the presence of undead disrupts the party— it is only after attacking do the Elements realize that this town is a secret settlement for the lost, the escaped, and the unwanted undead. The party agrees to find for Mayor Khetehk a relic in return for their misguided attack.

13a campaign 37a: Montage to Misty Hill

Posted by feats in 13th Age

The party heads for Forge and the Soul of Stone— on the way, rumors begin to spread in the Northern empire that either the Diabolist or Crusader has fallen in battle.


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