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Mouse Guard 84 - Militia Patrol Goes Beyond The Territories

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Our militia patrol of Lily, Sable, and Francisca has finally caught up to the militia they have been tasked with corralling. They have gone beyond the scent barrier, in their efforts to pick a fight with the weasels. Disaster is looming, as the militia patrol heads in.

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LPDnD Encapsulated Bonus Episode - It’s Joey’s Birthday!!!

Straight from the bonus recordings comes a double-feature presentation!

In the first part of this episode, during Wolfshirt's birthday the party decides to have a three-team brawl with Kensington and Joey vs. Miriam and Bananaramawicz vs. Algernon and... a Medusa. The results are what you'd probably expect of them trying to figure out a PvP system in D&D.

The second half (Starting at 1:07:10) has three of the players sent into the world of Paranoia, where players are encouraged to not know how the mechanics work going in. Do your best and do not commit treason. Friend Computer is watching, Troubleshooters.

Mouse Guard 83 - Search Patrol Strikes By Sea

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Rosard has been kidnapped and taken into the bowels of a weasel fortress. With the help of criminal privateers, and under the cover of a rain storm at night, Tander, Zeke, and Granny lead an invasion force to destroy the palace and take him back.

Mouse Guard 82 - Militia Patrol Stumbles Into Town

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Militia Patrol has reached their destination of Ferndale... and they find the city in lockdown. The only mouse in the streets is a woman in the stocks, there's a bomb threat, and everyone is locking their doors at the mere sight of the guard.

Mouse Guard 81 - Search Patrol Picks Up The Trail

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Granny, Tander, and Zeke have found Rosard's trail and are in hot pursuit! They meet some old friends along the way, including one particularly surprising familiar face along the beach, but they need to hurry. Rosard has been captured by weasels!


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Mouse Guard 80 - Militia Patrol Duels The Black Axe

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The false black axe stands before them. Francisca rises to the challenge.

Mouse Guard 79 - Search Patrol Unleashes The Bees

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Granny, Zeke, and Tander have found a trace of Rosard, and begins to follow him through the woods. But along the way, a fox corners them, and the clever hunter has them on the backfoot. Only Granny's last resort can save them now...

To Winter’s End 43 - Dawn and Dusk

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The end, and the beginning.

This episode's intro is an excerpt from "Amazing Flight" by Ayreon.

Mouse Guard 78 - Militia Patrol Rains On The Parade

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Sprucetuck is throwing a parade! But this joyous respite from the impending war is due to the hero worship of a fake hero, a fraud, and Francisca will not rest until this fraud is revealed. But Sable knows too much, and Lily knows too little, and not everyone wants the team to be on the same page...

Mouse Guard 77 - Search Patrol Scours the Swamp

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Woodstuff's Grove is empty, with no sign of Rosard in sight. Instead of a large hammermouse, Search Patrol has found an old librarian armed with crossbows - Velvet, mother of Marx. With no other leads, they settle in to discuss what happened with her, and what we should all do next.

Demonblight 06 - Book Store of Little Repute

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A local bookstore has inherited up a powerful magical artifact, and our vagabonds are tasked with acquiring it. But what they're doing with that artifact is questionable at best...


Crimes: Food Crimes, Intimidation, Trespassing, Startups


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Mouse Guard 76 - Militia Patrol Settles Affairs

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There is a militia gathering in Ferndale, a small town on the edge of the territories that has suddenly tripled in population in preparation for the weasel war. Gwendolyn needs a team to go check it out and settle the situation - but before Sable can leave, she needs to settle the situation that is her life.

To Winter’s End 42 - Winter’s End

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

The showdown with Aurorealis is here.

This episode's intro was Karma by JubyPhonic.

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