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Inverse World 3-1: Mundi Comedenti

Captain Humphrey (Ironicus) once again takes to the high skies with trusted enforcer J.O.N.E.S. (Ambisagrus) and ship artist Palette (Medibot). Three months after their last adventure, the Unheeding III is finally shipshape once again. However, when mysterious traveler Coal Catch (Ikks) crash-lands on the ship on an expedited retreat from the legendary World Eater, not much can stop Humphrey's nose for treasure-- and trouble. Gnome takes on the GM's hat in the continuation of our favorite game-within-a-game!

From left to right... JONES (Ambisagrus) in the back, First Mate Kid (AWoodenPalisade) and Palette (Medibot) in the middle, and Captain Humphrey (Ironicus), Katalina Ray and Spooks (Gnome), and Illyrica (PoorWeather) in front! (Coal not pictured)

13th Age 60-2: Block, Stock, & Quarrel

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With ruthless efficiency rarely portrayed by this team, the Black Dragon Midhogg and her brood are imprisoned once again. The party discusses what to do with the other prisoners as they make their way deeper into the vault. A living dungeon's passage leads the team onward to a new friend and a bone-chilling sight.

With behind-the-scenes footage of the extra scenes in sessions 58 and 59

Six Feats Under presents: 13th Age


13th Age 60-1: Under Block & Key

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The Elements arrive on Omen and make their way into the dangerous tangle of living dungeons that reside there. By chance, they discover an ancient-- and more surprisingly on Omen, mostly intact-- Dwarven vault that predates both CREAM and the dungeons. Before they find the treasure trove, however, they must face what else the dwarves locked away and let time forget.

Video part 2

Six Feats Under presents: 13th Age

World Wide Wrestling RPG 1-2: Tommy the Cat vs Johnny Young Bots

Oh, collusion! Tommy the Cat, beloved veteran, not only wrecks Eve's victory and trashes the great state of Ohio, but issues an open challenge-- one accepted by mysterious newcomer hailing from the distant future, Johnny Young Bots! I'm Biff Wilcox, and I wasn't here for this one-- but boy, do I wish I was!

WWWRPG Tabletalk

Six Feats Under presents: 

World Wide Wrestling RPG 1-1: The Can Opener vs Eve Young

Ladies and gentlemen, what a match we have for you tonight! The plucky Eve Young, daughter of legendary DIck Young, faces off against the unstoppable man-mountain Can Opener! Will this monster be knocked down at last, or will Eve become the latest in a long, long trail of debris in the Opener's path? I'm Biff Wilcox, and this is one match you gotta see to believe!

Six Feats Under presents: WWWRPG

World Wide Wrestling RPG 0: Filling the Roster

Promoter Nathan Paoletta is all set for fight night, but needs some talent-- enter the 6FU team! WWWRPG, though based on Apocalypse World, has some extra-special rules for play, so join us as we build our characters and get the juicy deets on Eve Young (Drakkel), Tommy the Cat (Gharbad), The Can Opener (Ambisagrus), and Johnny Young Bots (Ironicus!)

Six Feats Under presents: 

World Wide Wrestling RPG Chat: Show Wrestling & RPGs

WWWRPG designer Nathan Paoletta joins us to discuss the surprising similarities between professional wrestling shows and roleplaying games, from the safe exploration of the captivation of violence to the concept of collaboration with an apparent opponent.

The WWWRPG rulebook includes essays from a variety of guest writers about this subject-- if the podcast intrigued you, be sure to check it out!

13th Age 59-2: The Lich King

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Ultimately, the undead of the Lich King can have no casualties-- the forces of Necropolis, standing again each time they are defeated, begin to steadily push their foes back, or worse, turn them from the cause. In the throne room, however, the fight comes to a bitter finale-- though the plot of assembling friends and foes alike will yet vex Navarwndes.

13th Age 59-1: By Way of Necropolis

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The party, as disguised as they'll ever be, board the CREAM vessel-- only to have an old friend return and recount prior adventures. Nav, Priene (Gnome), Mako (Drakkel), and Nikud Adler (Gharbad) lead an attack on the Lich King in hopes of retrieving the Hand of Death and putting an end to the necromantic menace once and for all. The battle begins on a dark and stormy night...

Strike! RPG 1-2: Fight at the Museum

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The (chem)trail of Ivan Meštrović's missing bow and spear lead the team to the Field Museum. Unfortunately, stealth is not a strong point-- consequently, ancient magic and (comparatively) modern guards are determined the party's limbs be emanicipated from their bodies.
The Gharbad Experience


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