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Microscope 1-1: The Six Feats Underverse

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Microscope is an excellent, unqiue game wherein players create a complete history in hardly any time at all. So, 'scopes in hand and fresh off the 13th Age finale, the team sets out to explain just how every character you've ever seen on Feats is indeed shippable, from Bronze Age primordia to a future among the stars!

Six Feats Under presents Microscope

Music by Thylacinus, Fuzzy Proxy, D.W. O'Boyle, and Possibly

Panic at the Dojo 3 - Live And Burn

Six Feats Under presents Panic at the Dojo, now funding on Kickstarter!

Music by Thylacinus

Our heroes have reached the final boss - a powerful pyrokinetic mafia don! Its time to take him down or burn to death trying in the dramatic conclusion to Karate Hotfoot, the Panic at the Dojo preview adventure!

This session is also available on youtube! Experience the game how it was meant to be - counting every space of movement along with us.

Let’s Play Dungeons & Dragons Encapsulated 3: Bananaramaslamma

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Not satisfied with the destruction of one mansion, our "heroes" decide to invade yet another area, this time a tower that's contested between goblins, druids, and a man named Apathi. Giving a new definition to "failing forward", the group finds very unsettling evidence of what power within this tower holds, possibly finally directing them to a path of good and righteousness. Maybe.

Six Feats Under presents Let's Play Dungeons and Dragons Encapsulated
Edited from episodes 5-7

Edited by Riley • Tumblr

Music by Thylacinus

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13th Age Session 88: The End

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Herein, the last known records of a certain sorry band of sellswords.

Six Feats Under presents 13th Age
Music by 
Thylacinus-- that is to say, while Thylacinus wrote the majority of music for 13th Age, this session was entirely scored by hand! Enjoy, and send your regards to Thyl on Twitter!

Panic at the Dojo 2 - Every Hit Point Matters on the Highway

Six Feats Under presents Panic at the Dojo, now funding on Kickstarter!

Music by Thylacinus

Secret vampire Truth Crimson (Clove), parkour courier Redd Shoes (QuantumFizz), angry nun Tajra Green (superherofae), and local super hero Tigre Blanco (Drakkel) are fighting for their lives on the highway! Ambushed by ninjas, bikers, and a helicopter, they're about to cause one heck of a traffic jam defending themselves from being thrown down to the concrete racing away beneath them.

This session was recorded using an older version of the preview adventure, and some rules and abilities have changed. Most notably, in the previous version, a bunch of characters had abilities that activated during other peoples' turns, and we constantly forgot about them. They were removed, both because of the forgetting and to speed up gameplay.

This session is also available on youtube! Experience the game how it was meant to be - with a map to show you exactly where everyone was at the moment it all went wrong.

13th Age 87-2: They Who Stake Their Claim Fall

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The disasters of the Fourfold Apocalypse, born of strain and hatred hidden beneath the yoke of a peaceful Empire, comes to a close with the clash of hateful wills; each combatant is here for power and control. So, what separates them? What's good and evil? What is right? Perhaps we'll never know. Regardless of the outcome, there is yet more work to chain the world once more.

Six Feats Under presents 13th Age
Music by 
Take Five - Dave Brubeck

National Emblem March