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Six Feats Under Radio 2: A Holiday Chat with Scarlett and Margaret

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Merry! Tonight Ikks is joined by Poorweather and Drakkel to clear out some of that toublesome question residue left over from our successful 13th Age campaign!

Six Feats Under Presents: Your Questions

Music by Thylacinus

Monsterhearts 3: No Time for Love

18+ listeners only. Explicit scene and content.
An inexplicable and wicked being from beyond has shattered our dimension's future and past into a nice snack, and I'm sorry to say that the hopes of the world rest upon teenagers. Ichabod (Ironicus) has learned the truth about Natalie (Ali). Adrian (D. Vac)and Jane (Violet) struggle with the consequences of Jane's murderous scheme. Lucretia (Ethel) and Crow (Ardenare caught up in the whims of their supernatural superiors. All in all, I'd say it's a pretty bad time
Six Feats Under presents Monsterhearts

Music by Possibly Holly Bones • Thylacinus

Art by Lexi

Arden's DATE OR DIE demo is now available!
DeviousVacuum • Geek Remix

Microscope 1-2: Dingo Dorado And Other Tall Tales

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Now that the foundations of history have been laid, we're free to get a little... silly. When you get right down to it, the core of Microscope is roleplay with very few rules, just right, and that's the perfect lack of restraint that leads to the universe being taken over by... well, you'll see.

Read the complete history here!

Six Feats Under presents Microscope

Music by Thylacinus, Fuzzy Proxy, D.W. O'Boyle, and Possibly


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