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Mouse Guard Spring 4 - South Patrol Prepares

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The South Patrol finally has all their permits in order, and heads to Sprucetuck to gather everything they need to lay the Scent Barrier. Lily, Zeke, Sable, and Isolde split up to get everything they need here, but quickly find that not every settlement in the territories thinks well of the Guard...

Lily is played by Eliza.

Sable is played by Arden.

Isolde is played by Poor Weather.

Zeke is played by Devious Vaccuum.

And our Games Mouse is Grant.

Music performed and scored by Thylacinus.

Today's episode was edited by Gnome.

Let’s Play Dungeons and Dragons 4 - Turnabout Kensington

EDITOR'S NOTE: This episode changes completely after session 11 due to the switch up of Syrg and Kaz DMing and redoing the Apafi's Tower Arc, hence why the second session starts in the middle of another combat in a different location.

While Joey was curled up in his nightgown and Miriam too tired to care, the rest of the party went to investigate a strange infernal palace that was not of fire but of ice. Inside they met a treasure hunter that Banaramawitz decided right away to fight. Then, timelines loop and reverse as the game goes back to Apafi's Tower as they are now under the guidance of temporary DM Kaz. After a messy encounter with Kobolds and gears, they stumbled around with several unhelpful Helper robots. After an intense obsession with a slab of concrete, they discover why there's even concrete in this non-concrete tower: A Medusa and guards are out for their flesh, and they take great risk in combating them.

Six Feats Under presents Let's Play Dungeons and Dragons Encapsulated
Edited from episodes 11-13

Edited by Riley

Music by Thylacinus

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Mouse Guard Spring 3 - North Patrol Charts The Course

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

With the new settlement of Wildseed officially getting its legs under it, the northern patrol of Marx, Francisca, and Tander answer a new cry for help. When hapless cartographer Kearra wants to be the first to put Wildseed on the map, she needs an escort to get back to Port Sumac in one piece. North Patrol is on the case!

Francisca is played by Riley.

Marx is played by Gnome.

Tander is played by Drakkel.

And our Games Mouse is Grant.

Music performed and scored by Thylacinus.

Today's episode was edited by Gnome.

Law’s Out Tabletalk

Posted by feats in Tabletalk, Law's Out

As part of our continuing efforts on the new site, here's an old tabletalk from December 2014! I hope we get paid for all those juicy Overwatch plugs. Less so for later discussion of Sticker Star and Pepsi Blue.


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