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Summer 15 - West Patrol Finds Family

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

West Patrol has finally finished their mail route. Isolde meets her mentor, and wants to hide. Sable has a confession, and a proposal. Lily has a new pet, and an apology. Zeke has a declaration, and wants answers. And they all discover a grand conspiracy...

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To Winter’s End 16 Tabletalk

Posted by feats in Tabletalk, Fellowship, To Winter's End

This episode had a few re-takes, which I saved for posterity. Joey stepped out for a minute, Clove decided babies can be any age, and Ikks solved too many problems.

To Winter’s End 16: The Second Tower

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

The Fellowship has finally reached the second tower of Aurorealis - a massive, burning red heat sink, draining the temperature of the rest of the world. None of Aurorealis' minions defend this tower. It has its own defenses, including one our heroes refuse to fight...

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Summer 14 - East Patrol Wanders Wildseed

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

East Patrol finally reaches Wildseed, with everyone intact. Now that we're here, its time for everyone to get settled in, settled down, and begin the next chapter of their lives. But when you put this many mice together, mice who've never met, mice who come from different towns with different cultures, arguments are inevitable.

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