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Summer 17 - Summer’s End

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

Our patrols have reached the end of their primary missions, but Summer isn't over just yet. Every mouse has their own personal goals to work towards this time. Whether its fighting pirates, fending off birds, training spiders, or getting a girlfriend, every mouse has a lot to do while the weather's still good.

And the weasel overlord continues to advance their mysterious agenda...

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Summer 16 - East Patrol Witnesses Wildseed

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

Tonight, a new city is born, and it wouldn't have been possible without Francisca, and Tander, and Marx. After everything they've done, both right and wrong, it all comes to fruition right here, right now, in Wildseed.

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To Winter’s End 17: Smashing Pumpkins

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

All things must come to an end.

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