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Fall 02 - Weasel Patrol Joins The Crowd

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

The weasels in Darkheather are up to something. Posters have been found throughout the territories, advertising job openings in the Weasel tunnels to capable science mice and brewers. Gwendolyn is concerned, and decides to send her most diplomatic mice to Darkheather to see what's going on - Marx and Lily, with Sable to make sure they don't do anything TOO risky. Any Guard interference is sure to be taken as a sign of war, so our heroes must tread very, very carefully. 

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Fall 01 - Moose Patrol Assembles

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard
Gwendolyn has something important to talk about with Francisca, who may have made a few mistakes. But it isn't long before some bad news comes down the vine, and Francisca needs to put together a crack team to handle the most dangerous disaster the Territories could possibly face...
...A moose has crossed the scent border.