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Final Bid 1-1: Beepy and the Beepettes

Posted by feats in Final Bid

We control all, we see all, and we see you are in need of a breakout music group. We now go live to the stage as Beepy Speakers (Devious Vacuum) recruits new members for the hot new band, Beepy and the Beepettes! With the assistance of our gracious loyal helper, Helpmann (Grant). Our calculated fine recruits consist of hot teen idol Galatea (Clove) and the mysterious spirit Olga (Joey). The Beepettes will be sure to rock your hearts! After all, the Network (Gnome) deems it so, and you wouldn't want to say the Network is wrong, would you?

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To Winter’s End 18 Tabletalk

Posted by feats in Tabletalk, Fellowship, To Winter's End

In today's Tabletalk, we take a moment to brainstorm possible alternate futures where Yuria gets something else out of her trip to the ocean.

To Winter’s End 18: Yuria Bloodtongue

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

Yuria Bloodtongue fell into the ocean and died. She got back up, and walked her way over to the Columned City.

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Fall 05 - Moose Patrol Eats A Berry

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

With the moose defeated, our heroes have a mystery left before them. Who is this prophet? Why can she see the future? How can she see the future? Is magic real, or is science fake? Are curses real? Is it a good idea to eat magical berries you found in the dirt?

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Fall 04 - Weasel Patrol Ignores A Feast

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

As new arrivals to the weasel tunnels, Marx, Sable, and Lily are having a feast thrown in their honor by the Tunnel Lord Fulbert! He has some very important questions for our heroes, and they have some very important anything else they'd rather be doing.

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Fall 03 - Moose Patrol Starts A Fire

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

You can't solve a problem as big as a moose without an equally big plan.

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