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Weasel 6 Tabletalk

Posted by feats in Tabletalk, Mouse Guard

This tabletalk explains some of the decisions made during the main episode. You normally shouldn't listen to the tabletalk first, but you REALLY don't want to listen to this one first!

Fall 12 - Marx Alone

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

Hail all those who are able.

Any mouse can.

Any mouse will.

But the Guard will prevail.

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Fall 11 - Moose Patrol Blows This Case Wide Open

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

Moose Patrol have found their smuggler, and are chasing them through the port town! With the smuggler's dead drop in paw, our mice have a solid lead for the first time since they arrived in Port Sumac. But where will it lead them?

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