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Winter 03 - Promotion

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

Lockhaven's long winters come to a close with the Promotions ceremony. Enterprising tenderpaws become proper guards mice, skilled guards mice become reliable patrol guards, and responsible patrol guards become charismatic patrol leaders. But the highest rank of all, second only to the Matriarch herself, are the Captains - six trusted generals who manage the Matriarch's will directly. But this year, the start of 1149, due to unusual circumstances, there is a seventh Captain...

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The Letter

Posted by feats in Tabletalk, Fellowship, To Winter's End

The letter Poptart had Yuria write, all in one place without interruption.

To Winter’s End 24: The Flesh God

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

Deep beneath the Columned City, Poptart meets God.

Note: In this episode, Joey accidentally recorded to the wrong microphone, so Poptart's audio quality is much lower than usual. Sorry about that. It is fixed in the next recording session, but this does mean that episode 26 will also feature low-quality Poptart.

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Winter 02 - Reflection

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

During Winter, all mice are asked to reflect on what they've learned throughout the year. They must write a report for Gwendolyn, and they must train to keep their skills sharp. But during one very special day, every mouse takes the day off: Yulefrost.

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