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Thaw 01 Tabletalk

Posted by feats in Tabletalk, Mouse Guard

In this week's tabletalk, we discuss Gnome's Granny voice, the mechanics of a travel conflict, and Steady Paws.

Thaw 01 - Red Patrol Needs To Shape Up

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

Captain Ivy Waxwort has unfinished business over in Pebblebrook, but she is confident she could handle it by herself. So confident, in fact, that she decides to drag along the two saddest-looking mice in the Guard so she can measure their worth - Isolde and Sable.

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To Winter’s End 25: Rue Titania

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

Harbinger is dead, but her ghost lives on.

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Mouse Guard - Ivy Waxwort

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

As year 1 comes to a close, year 2 begins with a new mouse joining the team. Grant and Gnome discuss the new player - Captain Ivy "Granny" Waxwort.

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Mouse Guard - 1148

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

The Matriarch Gwendolyn thinks back on the events of 1148, a tumultuous year that saw the birth of Wildseed, the excommunication of Woodstuff's Grove, and rising tensions with the weasels of Darkheather.

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