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Inverse Fellowship 0 - Character Creation

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Welcome back to the Inverse World, the hollow earth we played in during our third bonus feat ever. It is a strange place, with a golden god trapped in the center of the world, rain that falls up from the center, floating islands throughout the empty space above, and a ceiling of stone, covering the top of the world. Today, we meet a new band of explorers, trying to find their place in Invells.

Now the Inverse World is here in the Fellowship system, thanks to the Kickstarter project launching on March 29th.

Joining us from the regular crew are Gnome as the Horizon, Riley as Coda the Lantern and Alpha the little light, and Clove as Aurelia the Beast. We also have returning guests Gharbad and Violet, as Boggurt the Angel and Inconsequential Verse the Tinker, respectively, and new guest Aubrey as Solis the Rain. This episode is just character creation, but since its new content for an upcoming kickstarter, we go over the mechanics a bit and talk about why each of our playbooks is very cool.

Thaw 09 - Red Patrol Confronts The Kidnapper

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

Isolde leads Sable and Granny to an old safehouse for the kidnappers, from "the last time." They follow the trail from there, until it leads them to the only thing it could... the real culprit.

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Monsterhearts 2 E2 - A Cure For Death

Posted by feats in Monsterhearts

As their shifts end, our characters get deeper into each other's business. Cecile casts a spell. Dennis grabs some Milk Duds. Minerva makes a purchase.

Ragny's guest plugs:

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Thaw 08 - Blue Patrol Clears Out Copperwood

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

With the help of the townsmice of Copperwood, Blue Patrol sets up a siege, executes an infiltration, and goes after the big mouse himself on his own turf - Red Hook.

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Monsterhearts 2 E1 - Gimme That ‘Gurt

Posted by feats in Monsterhearts

Do you remember 2007, dear listeners? Because oh boy we sure do. Four teens working in Glenbrook mall have supernatural secrets. Their fates are tied to the Curiosities Shop and its owner, Miss Vicki. What would you be willing to pay for the solution to all the problems of life?

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