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Heat 03 - Bridge Patrol Meets The Fools In Charge

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

Sable and Tander practice their swordsmanship while Granny leads them to the bridge project they're here to protect. The old bridge fell apart, and the new bridge's construction is slow - there are idle hands at play here, and Bridge Patrol is here to put them back to work.

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Monsterhearts 2 E5 - You Can’t Put the Pig Back in the Pen

Posted by feats in 13th Age

Miss Vicki has made some sales, and the fallout is immediate. Kayla attracts a crowd. Dennis performs an interview. Cecile cracks a code. Minerva does her research.

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Heat 02 - Bat Patrol Escorts The VIP

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

Zeke, Lily, Isolde, and Francisca have been sent to Ivydale to escort someone important. Their mission is secret: they don't know their destination, who they're protecting, or why. They don't even know when their escort is supposed to be here, and that means its time to eat bread and draw pictures until they show up.

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