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To Winter’s End 34 Bonus: Goodbye Monsoon

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This episode originally had a different ending! Due to various life circumstances at the time, Arden was unable to play with us for several months, so decided to leave the campaign rather than hold us back.

Due to our poor scheduling, we only played like 3 episodes' worth of game while Arden was gone, so we re-recorded the end of episode 34 to keep Monsoon directly relevant. The original goodbyes were kept here, if you want to listen to them, but they are not canon and can be ignored.

To Winter’s End 34: Roger’s Rampage

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

The gunpowder halfling Roger has decided to do the one thing a revolutionary made of explosions is best at: go topple a society.

The introduction was an excerpt from "Inside Out," by Eve 6.

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Deadbeat Monster Dad 2 - Road Trip To Find Dad

Posted by feats in Deadbeat Monster Dad

Time to meet the weirdest estranged family you've ever seen. Six young monster siblings, all with different mothers, are on a quest to find their weird bad dad. And once they do... well. We'll find out what happens once they do.

This episode follows the cross country road trip taken by the spider princess Arachnatalie Anastasia von Agelenida (DeVac), shy ectoplasm Shade (Ragny), and troll merchant Graves (Riley). They run across a series of problems including toll booths and mad scientists on their way to Greyhawk, the last known location of... Dad.

Art is drawn by the GM (Gnome).

Deadbeat Monster Dad is a one page RPG based on Lasers & Feelings and also a tumblr post about this concept for the reason an adventuring party got together.

You can get the game for free on itchio. 

Heat 09 - Dark Patrol Does Not Exist

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

In a secret location only revealed to the six mice attending, Dark Patrol meets to discuss the future of the territories. The words spoken in secret here will have a great impact on the events to come: This is a war council.

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To Winter’s End 33: St. Madeline’s Angel

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One of Nugget's Poptart Pieces has gone back to the Tartland, back to what used to be the River Poptart: back to the home of Friar Pan. The nuns of St. Madeline's Monastery are more than happy to see their son again, but much less happy to see all that has happened to him. And Monsoon's sister Typhoon is not happy that her brother is taking charge of the ship to help out a bunch of stowaways.

How do we put Nugget back together, now that we've found one of their pieces? What will Monsoon do to placate his sister? And is Friar Pan okay?

The introduction was an excerpt from "Army of Two," by Dumdums.

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To Winter’s End 33: Tabletalk

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Tabletalk takes place before, during, and after the episode it is tied to, and contains bits we thought were fun to keep but not necessarily good for the finished episode. Please listen to tabletalk after listening to the episode, to avoid any casual spoilers.

Heat 08 - Bat Patrol Mixes It All Together

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

The patrol has finally made their way to Walnutpeck, where Gwendolyn will meet with the Bat King, asking for their support. Francisca, Isolde, Lily, and Zeke need this meeting to go well. With the help of teamwork, mom cooking tips, and a certain legendary spooky mouse, they'll do whatever it takes.

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To Winter’s End 32 Bonus: Restored Swordfight

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

Content Warning: This bonus episode is very horny.

This scene was originally supposed to be in the main episode, but honestly? It's probably for the best that it's separate.


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