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Monsterhearts 2 E8 - You Don’t Feel Any Worse Or Better

Posted by feats in Monsterhearts

Cecile, Dennis, and Minerva make their move on Miss Vicki. But it all comes down to Kayla’s heart.

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Heat 15 - Dark Patrol Chases The Truth

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

With the black axe revealed, Isolde gone, Rosard upset, and Stjepan skipping out on his duties, the Dark Patrol's intended mission has fallen to pieces. Granny and Franny have to figure out what happened, but they have almost no intel to go off of. But through Isolde's treachery, a path reveals itself.

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Heat 14 - Fire Patrol Lights Up

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

The fire has died down, but the damage is done. Lily and Tander are sick, both Gilpledge and Dorigift have burned down, all the food is gone, and the supplies from Lockhaven are unusually late. Something’s up, and it isn’t just all the ash in the air.

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