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Mouse Guard 75 - Search Patrol Rides A Duck

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

Guard captain Rosard has gone missing. With nothing to go on but the knowledge he should be in Woodstuff's Grove right now, investigating what happened to the lost city, a search party is sent after him. Granny gathers up the best tracker in the guard, Zeke, for his wilderness skills, and the young Tander, for his connection to a duck he knows that can fly them over the the Grove real quick-like.

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To Winter’s End 40 -Second Place is for Nerds

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

The race to the tower continues to heat up, even though half the participants don't full understand why there is a race happening at all. With a cavalcade of enemies at their heels, the fellowship presses forward!

To Winter’s End 39: Take off, Fellowship! A Day at the Races

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

The To Winter's End crew is back, and they are on a race against time! From sunup to sundown, they need to cross a hundred miles of open swampland and reach Aurorealis' final tower. If it does not fall by sunset, the demon Youth will consume them all...


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