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Last Stand Chat: Risk/Reward Mechanics

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Medibot, Gnome, Ambisagrus, Ironicus, and Gharbad are joined by special guest PublicOpinion to discuss risk and reward design. These elements appear organically in all sorts of games, but are rarely designed as a core part of a roleplaying experience-- rather, these elements are much more common in directly competitive games. Our panel discusses this phenomenon in preparation for Last Stand, a Fortune engine game just dripping with risks and rewards.

Six Feats Under presents: Last Stand

Games discussed: World of DarknessStone AgeArgent: The ConsortiumRetro-Causality

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World Wide Wrestling RPG Chat: Show Wrestling & RPGs

WWWRPG designer Nathan Paoletta joins us to discuss the surprising similarities between professional wrestling shows and roleplaying games, from the safe exploration of the captivation of violence to the concept of collaboration with an apparent opponent.

The WWWRPG rulebook includes essays from a variety of guest writers about this subject-- if the podcast intrigued you, be sure to check it out!

Strike! Chat: Designing from Influences

Posted by feats in Podchat, Strike! RPG

Strike! is an RPG that refines D&D, Burning Wheel, Mouse Guard, 13th Age and more down to a simple, fast formula. Ironicus and company discuss the process of effectively designing from such influences with Strike! creator Jim McGarva.

Six Feats Under presents: Strike!

The original Strike! playtest thread on SomethingAwful (may require an account)

Eclipse Phase Chat: Established Settings

Posted by feats in Podchat, Eclipse Phase

Special guests Tsercele and Gertrude Perkins join Ikks and Ironicus to discuss their favorite settings, and just what to do when your favorite RPG's sourcebook provides too much-- or too little.

Law’s Out Chat: Diceless & Non-Standard Conflict Resolution

Posted by feats in Podchat, Law's Out

Ironicus, Ambisagrus, Drakkel, and Wolfshirt are joined by friend of the show Jacob Randolph and special guest Jess Purdy of Gamer-XP to discuss their favorite diceless (or at least nearly diceless!) games, and just what makes them so well-suited to narrative play. Favorites include MalifauxNobilis, and Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine.

Six Feats Under presents: Law's Out

Golden Sky Stories Chat: Eastern Tabletop Games & Culture

Posted by feats in Podchat, Golden Sky Stories

Golden Sky Stories translator Ewen Cluney joins us to discuss tabletop gaming culture in Japan, and the handful of games he has worked to bring to English-speaking audiences.

Inverse World Chat: Non-Standard Fantasy

Mikan (TableHop) and Gnome (Jacob Randolph), writers of the Inverse World expansion for Dungeon World/Apocalypse World, join Ironicus, Medibot, and AWoodenPalisade to discuss how Inverse World and other games break free of standard fantasy mainstays.

Breakfast Cult Chat: Setting and Maintaining Tone

Posted by feats in Breakfast Cult, Podchat

Ettin, Gnome, and Clove, some of the developers of the FATE game Breakfast Cult, join Ironicus, Ambisagrus, and Medibot to discuss maintaining tone in games, from lighthearted to darkly serious.

Be sure to check out the Breakfast Cult Kickstarter!

Six Feats Under presents: Breakfast Cult
Our guests:

Fiasco: Small Time Gotham Chat: GM-less Games, Cooperation, and “Cooperation”

Posted by feats in Podchat, Fiasco

Ironicus, Ikks, Drakkel, and special guest James D'Amato of Peaches and Hot Sauce's show "One Shot" discuss tabletop games with no GM, DM, storyteller, or referee.

Six Feats Under presents: Fiasco: Small Time Gotham
Our guest: Peaches & Hot Sauce presents James D'Amato's One Shot

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