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Law’s Out Tabletalk

As part of our continuing efforts on the new site, here's an old tabletalk from December 2014! I hope we get paid for all those juicy Overwatch plugs. Less so for later discussion of Sticker Star and Pepsi Blue.

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Tempers flare when Cincinnati Tex once again makes a deal with the Devil to avoid imprisonment and hanging. As alliances crumble and family ties are revealed, the Devil seems posed to take the souls of the town once and for all-- at least, until the stranger Sove pries the lid off the coffin he's dragged along half his life.

I hope Blizzard pays up for all these juicy Overwatch plugs. Less so for Pepsi Blue and Sticker Star.

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The crew joins Law's Out writer Jacob Randolph and editor Jess Purdy for a rollicking Wild West tour de force. Coraline "Starchild" Madison steals the decadent Cincinnati Tex's secret Slötterbräu recipe, penned by the Devil himself. Reverend Cole and Sheriff Emma Norris find themselves too close to the ensuing fire, and all the while the mysterious stranger Sove waits patiently at the crossroads at the center of town.

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Ironicus, Ambisagrus, Drakkel, and Wolfshirt are joined by friend of the show Jacob Randolph and special guest Jess Purdy of Gamer-XP to discuss their favorite diceless (or at least nearly diceless!) games, and just what makes them so well-suited to narrative play. Favorites include MalifauxNobilis, and Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine.

Six Feats Under presents: Law's Out

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