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Demonblight 02 - Hunting the Hunter

Posted by feats in 13th Age

A monster is loose in the streets of Wernicke-On-Highfallow. The Academy put it there.It injured a child. The Academy has sent expendable goons to take it out.

The goons are us, by the way.

Crimes: Breaking and Entering, Murder

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Demonblight 01 - Waiting Room

Posted by feats in 13th Age

In a small waiting room in The Academy are five entities.

A human in college. A goblin child. An exiled queen. A robotic puppeteer. An immortal centurion.

They have an appointment in 15 minutes.

Crimes: Vandalism, Petty Theft (2 Counts)

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To Winter’s End 37: Youth

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

Rue takes Nugget to secure them a ride to the tower. Yuria and Knight reach an agreement. And Friar Pan meets the cause of the midnight void - Youth, the immortal demon of the night.

Today's introduction was an excerpt from "Yes and No," by XYL0.

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Monsterhearts 2 E7 - Indulging in Teenage “Woo!”-ing

Posted by feats in Monsterhearts

The night before confronting Miss Vicki, the teens of Glenbrook Mall pair off and get each other to open up. Is this a date? Do you think this is a date? Oh shit.

Content warning: Mention of animal cruelty.

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