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Demonblight 02 - Hunting the Hunter

Posted by feats in 13th Age

A monster is loose in the streets of Wernicke-On-Highfallow. The Academy put it there.It injured a child. The Academy has sent expendable goons to take it out.

The goons are us, by the way.

Crimes: Breaking and Entering, Murder

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Demonblight 01 - Waiting Room

Posted by feats in 13th Age

In a small waiting room in The Academy are five entities.

A human in college. A goblin child. An exiled queen. A robotic puppeteer. An immortal centurion.

They have an appointment in 15 minutes.

Crimes: Vandalism, Petty Theft (2 Counts)

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To Winter’s End 37: Youth

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

Rue takes Nugget to secure them a ride to the tower. Yuria and Knight reach an agreement. And Friar Pan meets the cause of the midnight void - Youth, the immortal demon of the night.

Today's introduction was an excerpt from "Yes and No," by XYL0.

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Monsterhearts 2 E7 - Indulging in Teenage “Woo!”-ing

Posted by feats in Monsterhearts

The night before confronting Miss Vicki, the teens of Glenbrook Mall pair off and get each other to open up. Is this a date? Do you think this is a date? Oh shit.

Content warning: Mention of animal cruelty.

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Heat 11 - Dark Patrol Considers The Spear

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

The war meeting continues, as Francisca, Granny, and Isolde convene with the Mouse Guard's best. When the planning turns towards potential allies, the Spear comes up, and opinions on how helpful they may be are heavily divided.

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To Winter’s End 36: Cedar Flynn

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

In this episode, everyone has a chat. Nugget and Ggislin, Yuria and Knight, Rue and various racers, Pan and... his brother? Is Cedar Flynn really who he claims to be, or is this some weird racing gimmick he's committing to super hard? Pan is unconvinced.

Today's introduction was an excerpt from "Iron," by Within Temptation.

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Heat 10 Tabletalk

Posted by feats in Tabletalk, Mouse Guard

Tabletalk takes place before, during, or after the episode it is paired with. Listen to the episode first if you don't want casual spoilers.

Heat 10 - Fire Patrol Takes The Heat

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

A fire has been spotted and is moving north into the territories. Zeke and Lily quickly find their fellow patrol mates, Sable and Tander, and quickly take to their mission: they must save the settlements Gilpledge and Dorigift, before they disappear in a sea of flames.

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To Winter’s End 35: Aaureo

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

Welcome to Aaureo, the strangest city in all the land. Aaureo is built just outside of the Green Man's Graves, a bottomless, ever-refreshing resource of wood, food, and various goods of all kinds, with one big catch - everyone and everything in the area after sundown disappears forever. So the people of Aaureo make a living by driving unique vehicles of their own creation out into the swamp, gathering all the supplies they can, and driving back home before the sunset destroys them.

And out in the Graves is the final tower of Aurorealis.

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To Winter’s End 34 Bonus: Goodbye Monsoon

Posted by feats in Tabletalk, Fellowship, To Winter's End

This episode originally had a different ending! Due to various life circumstances at the time, Arden was unable to play with us for several months, so decided to leave the campaign rather than hold us back.

Due to our poor scheduling, we only played like 3 episodes' worth of game while Arden was gone, so we re-recorded the end of episode 34 to keep Monsoon directly relevant. The original goodbyes were kept here, if you want to listen to them, but they are not canon and can be ignored.

To Winter’s End 34: Roger’s Rampage

Posted by feats in Fellowship, To Winter's End

The gunpowder halfling Roger has decided to do the one thing a revolutionary made of explosions is best at: go topple a society.

The introduction was an excerpt from "Inside Out," by Eve 6.

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Deadbeat Monster Dad 2 - Road Trip To Find Dad

Posted by feats in Deadbeat Monster Dad

Time to meet the weirdest estranged family you've ever seen. Six young monster siblings, all with different mothers, are on a quest to find their weird bad dad. And once they do... well. We'll find out what happens once they do.

This episode follows the cross country road trip taken by the spider princess Arachnatalie Anastasia von Agelenida (DeVac), shy ectoplasm Shade (Ragny), and troll merchant Graves (Riley). They run across a series of problems including toll booths and mad scientists on their way to Greyhawk, the last known location of... Dad.

Art is drawn by the GM (Gnome).

Deadbeat Monster Dad is a one page RPG based on Lasers & Feelings and also a tumblr post about this concept for the reason an adventuring party got together.

You can get the game for free on itchio. 

Heat 09 - Dark Patrol Does Not Exist

Posted by feats in Mouse Guard

In a secret location only revealed to the six mice attending, Dark Patrol meets to discuss the future of the territories. The words spoken in secret here will have a great impact on the events to come: This is a war council.

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