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LAST SHOOTING: Versace Amore vs Remoulade Sangwiss

Posted by feats in Final Bid

An unnamed, barely livable world is in the sights of two great empires. Each sends a mech pilot to claim it, in what they expect will be a routine mission. The battles they share will shape their lives, and bend the history of the galaxy to come. What will you bet, and what will be left behind? 


Last Shooting was written by our very own Grant! You can get it on itchio or on DTRPG


Versace Amore was played by Arden. 


Remoulade Sangwiss was played by Grant. 


This episode's art was drawn by Julian Cormac.

Final Bid 1-2: Beepo’s Last Stand

Posted by feats in Final Bid

We are... disappointed. It seems Helpmann is now turning against us. He brings together Olga and Galatea as they seek this pesky idea of "Freedom" and attempt to escape our city. We are obligated to put an end to their meaningless actions. We still have Beepy, after all, although it seems she feels... sad? What a useless emotion.

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Final Bid 1-1: Beepy and the Beepettes

Posted by feats in Final Bid

We control all, we see all, and we see you are in need of a breakout music group. We now go live to the stage as Beepy Speakers (Devious Vacuum) recruits new members for the hot new band, Beepy and the Beepettes! With the assistance of our gracious loyal helper, Helpmann (Grant). Our calculated fine recruits consist of hot teen idol Galatea (Clove) and the mysterious spirit Olga (Joey). The Beepettes will be sure to rock your hearts! After all, the Network (Gnome) deems it so, and you wouldn't want to say the Network is wrong, would you?

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