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Final Bid 1-2: Beepo’s Last Stand

Posted on June 1st, 2018

We are... disappointed. It seems Helpmann is now turning against us. He brings together Olga and Galatea as they seek this pesky idea of "Freedom" and attempt to escape our city. We are obligated to put an end to their meaningless actions. We still have Beepy, after all, although it seems she feels... sad? What a useless emotion.

Final Bid is Gnome's next Kickstarter game, live now!

Beepy Speakers is played by Devious Vacuum. Helpmann is played by Grant. Galatea is played by Clove. Olga is played by Joey. The Network is played by Gnome.

This episode was edited by Riley. The music in this episode was performed by Thylacinus. Episode art was drawn by Arlowa.

Olga is a tribute to Joey's nanna, who died peacefully in her sleep on April 20th, 2018.

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