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13th Age 55: Eridon’t

Posted on November 29th, 2014

Past, present, Imperial and Separatist collide in one boiling brew as the tensions in Eridu finally reach their climax. Slots and Margaret pursue opposing plans to resolve the situation, and the remaining party simply do their best to ensure that Eridu's populace will survive the fateful day to come. After the newborn Dragonborn's naming ceremony, the Empire will announce their ultimate plans for Eridu-- and worse, a far more sinister force grows on the horizon, deep within the Red Wastes.

Content warning for discussion of violence from approximately 4:20 to 8:15 minutes in. Less stringent warning after that for discussion of Dan Ryckert, pickles, Law's Out, and Shark Week.

Six Feats Under presents: 13th Age
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