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13th Age 69: Devilishly Decadent! Treacherously Tipsy!

Posted on August 15th, 2015

Hey there, friend, the name's Gary Swallows, and I'm sure I'll be getting yours soon. Listen, I'm proud to say I'm applying to the position of brand manager here at Six Feats Under-- oh, that little fella's Appleton Smalls, bit of a marketing guru. Now, while our previous employment may have been terminated with intensity, I'm here to tell you it was no fault of ours! This curmudgeonly band, these rogue elements I'd say, came along, forced us into a maze of deathtraps, then assaulted us directly, just on account of wanting to see our boss! Worst of the bunch was a tall, creepy type, too Many of the touchy-feelies for my liking (Gnome). Now call me old-fashioned, but that sorta behavior just ain't right.

Six Feats Under presents: 13th Age
The Many art by Gnome
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