Tabletop tomfoolery– wizardly wisecracks. We bring you tabletop gameplay and discussion with a panel of lighthearted players.

13th Age 64-1: Phishing for Pheia

Posted on April 29th, 2015

The buoys, gulls, and otters of the Rogue Elements take an undersea vacation to recover the Pearl of the Ocean from their shaky ally, Mako Longfin. A seabed voyage proves more relaxing than grueling, but their arrival in the undersea capital of Pheia-- currently one big party-- marks another great opportunity for the team to get what they need via diplomacy and serious discussion rather than the usual skulduggery-- ah, just kidding, you know us too well. Once the Pearl is recovered, however, the party will be deeper in (new) enemy territory than ever before...

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