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Ashen Stars 1-1: Empty Halls Incident

Posted on April 11th, 2015

Ashen Stars follows crews of investigators known as Lasers as they roam a war-torn galaxy. One crew in particular answers a distress beacon in the radiation-blasted wasteland of what was once a great city. Unidentified shipments of medical supplies, malevolent computer code, and silent rooms of death await.

Ironicus runs the adventure for dangerous pilot Jackets O'Tarker (Keith Carberry), rookie tech Bentley Rudkin (Phil Kollar), the unmistakably unremarkable Norman Averáge (Ambisagrus), diminutive medic Julius Joestar (Gnome), bloodthirsty bug Ka-Cha (Drakkel), and heartbroken machine Eos (Ikks).

Click here to see the crew's portraits by Cataegory!

Six Feats Under Presents: Ashen Stars

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