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Ashen Stars 1-2: In Living Memory

Posted on April 18th, 2015
The Lasers of the Benedict now know how the evo station crew was wiped out, but not why--  blind emotion ruled the scene. Malevolence is not necessary to cause harm, and valor can be as misplaced as anger. They follow up on their leads at the unnamed settlements within the city's ruins. Many bumpy introductions aside, the crew draws closer and closer to the source of the psycho-electronic interference that has dogged them since they arrived.

Ironicus runs the adventure for dangerous pilot Jackets O'Tarker (Keith Carberry), rookie tech Bentley Rudkin (Phil Kollar), the unmistakably unremarkable Norman Averáge (Ambisagrus), diminutive medic Julius Joestar (Gnome), bloodthirsty bug Ka-Cha (Drakkel), and heartbroken machine Eos (Ikks).

here to see the crew's portraits by Cataegory!

Six Feats Under Presents: Ashen Stars

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