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Beam Saber E1 - The Getaround Trust

Posted on April 18th, 2020

Hey folks! It's time for a new Bonus Feat. Today, we played Beam Saber by Austin Ramsay. 

Military outcast crew the Getaround Trust has been given a simple, but important, mission - deliver some Indigo Empire cargo down to Earth. But first, they need to get through the checkpoint established by Overlord LTD, denying access to the planet. And the zealots of Grand Horizon just so happen to be trying to raid the checkpoint at the same time...

Grant played the role of unpunished mutineer Aggai Guild, pilot of the Panamax. 

Thyl played the role of con artist Professor Bernard Bluff, pilot of the Sleipnir.

Violet played the role of failed up-and-comer Maxie Moxie, pilot of the Knight-Errant. 

Yao played the role of spunky university student Vic Leon, pilot of the Beepy Boi.

And Gnome was our GM.

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