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Beam Saber E2 - Ocean Approach

Posted on May 9th, 2020

With half the crew's mechs disabled after their fight in space, the Getaround Trust must continue the last leg of their mission with standard issue mobile suits. They simply have to fly some cargo halfway across the planet without getting ambushed or attacked by any Overlord forces, but the Grand Horizon unit that broke through the checkpoint has something worse planned for everyone...


Grant played the role of unpunished mutineer Aggai Guild, pilot of the Panamax (and a standard issue Kazu unit). 

Thyl played the role of con artist Professor Bernard Bluff, pilot of the Sleipnir.

Violet played the role of failed up-and-comer Maxie Moxie, pilot of the Knight-Errant. 

Yao played the role of spunky university student Vic Leon, pilot of the Beepy Boi (and a standard issue Kazu unit).

And Gnome was our GM.


Today's episode was edited by Grant.

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