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Deadbeat Monster Dad 1 - Dads Can’t Juggle

Posted on October 19th, 2019

Time to meet the weirdest estranged family you've ever seen. Six young monster siblings, all with different mothers, are on a quest to find their weird bad dad. And once they do... well. We'll find out what happens once they do.

This episode follows the adventure of the crocodile woman Bayou Betty (Drakkel), dullahan schoolgirl Brigid (Ikks), and slime thief Tuwaite (medibot), as they run all across the city of Greyhawk, last known location of... Dad.

Art is drawn by the GM (Gnome).

Deadbeat Monster Dad is a one page RPG based on Lasers & Feelings and also a tumblr post about this concept for the reason an adventuring party got together.

You can get the game for free on itchio. 

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