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Ehdrigohr Tabletalk: Otter Pop Culture

Posted on November 3rd, 2015

Louie-Bloo Raspberry. Poncho Punch. Rip Van lemon. Sir Isaac Lime, Strawberry Short Kook. Alexander the Grape. Little Orphan Orange. And introducing Jax Pavan as Jax Drives Pomegranate Van and Technical Difficulties as Bad.

Remember how Austin wanted to run Sprawl? Well, Friends at the Table is currently running Sprawl. Get over there!

Tabletalk takes place before, during, and after our sessions. It's lightly edited and perfect for casual listening, and to get an idea of just what we were thinking when we did all that nonsense!

Six Feats Under and Friends at the Table present: Ehdrigohr
Keith Carberry
Ali Acampora
Austin Walker

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