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History Homeys

Posted on June 27th, 2016

WIth so many hours of content, the vast 6FU archives have grown such that they occasionally overlap other dimensions where Feats is very different indeed. Six Feats Under Spacetime Pirate Radio is a treacherous foray into these podcasts.


Ikks and Medibot, your homeys in history past and future, discuss the beautiful Suffragette City and the truth behind the wretched Spruce Goose. Next we visit Medibot's Kurreny Korner to talk cash and round it out with a pair of emails from our beloved readers. 

Editor's note: After being informed by kind readers that this podcast will be cancelled in the future, this podcast has been cancelled. Please see History Honeys for more on historic honeys.

Another Six Feats Under presents History Homeys
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