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Inverse World 3-2: Paenitet Navigii

Posted on March 7th, 2015

The crew, though divided, shall not fall-- erm, that is, when they do fall, it is perfectly safe and well-planned. The crew of the Unheeding III is no longer satisfied with mere escape, yet killing the World Eater remains impossible. It takes a modern mind like Captain Humphrey to resolve this conundrum.

What other bonus feats would you like to see continued? Let us know on Twitter, Tumblr, or via gmail at sixfeatsunder!

Pizza! Behind-the-scenes! Pizza!
From left to right... JONES (Ambisagrus) in the back, First Mate Kid (AWoodenPalisade) and Palette (Medibot) in the middle, and Captain Humphrey (Ironicus), Katalina Ray and Spooks (Gnome), and Illyrica (PoorWeather) in front!(Coal not pictured)

And next weekend, be sure to check out the Dies of March, a charity event running from the 13th to the 15th of March! 2 Hearthstone tournaments with open enrollment and livestreamed RPG play all weekend long-- opening with AWoodenPalisage, Ambisagrus, and Ikks joining founder Mikan (DM of the first two 6FU Inverse World games) for Fiasco! This is the first year for this digital convention, so keep checking back on the TumblrTwitch, and Challonge pages!

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