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Lasers and Feelings: The Next Generation E1 - 45% Mercury

Posted on January 15th, 2017

We return to space for another round of Lasers and Feelings, this time joined by Patrick O!

The scout ship Raptor C was on a standard diplomatic escort mission to a galactic peace summit, when suddenly the entire crew falls prey to a highly contagious space disease! With 99% of the crew's carbon-based population suddenly unconcious, the robots are suddenly in charge. Join Comrade Core (Gnome), Winter (Panzerskank), and SU-NIT (Poorweather) as they try to save the ship with the help of Benjamin Darkley (Patrick O), the only human who didn't get taken out by the disease.

Six Feats Under Presents: Lasers & Feelings


Spicy Plugs:

Pat Trek

The Dungeon Rats

Improvised Star Trek

100ft Robot Golf

Our playthrough of Microscope

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