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Let’s Play Dungeons & Dragons Encapsulated 1: We Shall Record Our Names in Beans

Posted on April 30th, 2016
Before Six Feats Under, there was the LP Subforum on Something Awful. From humble beginnings of tossing ideas around in the Freelance Astronauts guest chat, we got our start with this very Let's Play! Now, it is rough around the edges... so we are very lucky to have a special guest editor to polish it up! Please welcome..... Aschlin! (Tumblr)

Herein sealed are episodes 2, 3, and 4 because epsidoe 1 was never recorded. That's right, we were that green! By the way, don't go into this expecting a nice ending. Of D&D4e's 30 level progression, we only made it to 20!

As you know, Feats is designed to explore games other than the public knowledge-dominating D&D. But, people really really like these characters. Perhaps you will, too! Because these episodes are so early and immature, if you hear anything offensive, please let me and Aschlin know. Enjoy the show!

A band of misfits and chaos led by Joey Hoofsz (Wolfshirt) and challenged by DM Syrg find themselves "accidentally" "inheriting" a caravan that houses a mighty portal device. Tagging along are the likes of the wise-talking Kensington R. Killjoy (Plaz? more like Ikks), book-loving Miriam Webster (medibot), the fierce paladin Asalyn (Lava Lamp Goddess) and friendly lovable Bananaramawicz (General Ironicus). After agreeing to assist a dragon in captivity in exchange for loot and not being roasted alive, the party arrives and meets up with Algernon (Drakkel) who is also wandering around aimlessly, enough commonground for the group to welcome him with open arms.

Six Feats Under presents Let's Play Dungeons and Dragons Encapsulated

edited by Aschlin • Tumblr

Music by Thylacinus

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