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lp13a 51-1: Meander to Moteja

Posted on September 24th, 2014

The Elements make their way to Moteja, the pilgrim's town that lies beneath the Northern Colossus which should, with luck, hold the secret of the Seat of the Colossus. The voyage is, as usual, populated with strange people and marvelous sights.

Video of this part! 
More video of this part! (Approximately-- The podcast is in 3 parts, but the videos are the usual 4.)

Note: Episode 51 will be released in 3 parts, one today, one Saturday, and the finale along with bonus tabletalk a week from today. This is mostly because I, Ikks, was so late! So, so late. The following Saturday will be a double-bonus-special-day.

Six Feats Under presents: Let's Play The Thirteenth Age
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