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lp13a 51 Compiled: Colossus

Posted on October 1st, 2014

Having settled an old foe in the form of the River Devil spawn, the Elements ride on to Moteja, a town nestled between the feet of the Northern Colossus-- a site that is becoming increasingly popular among troubled pilgrims whose nightmares are plagued with vague visions of the end of the world. The eccentric elf Marek Kane aids the party in climbing the sheer cliff of the Colossus' leg, and the team discovers the true form of the arduous test of their own pilgrimage to the Seat of the Colossus in the form of the Dark Elements, a twisted vision of the world's last hope. 

Overcoming these shades and possibilities, the Elements reach the seat, and compel the Colossus to stand, thus unlocking the power of the Seat once again-- and as the floating city of Regulus comes to a stop in the Colossus' palms, the team knows they have done well at last.

Bonus: 45 minutes of tabletalk, before, during the intermission, and after!

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