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Panic at the Dojo 1 - Pompadour Wrecked

Posted on October 29th, 2016

Six Feats Under presents Panic at the Dojo, now funding on Kickstarter!
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Secret vampire Truth Crimson (Clove), parkour courier Redd Shoes (QuantumFizz), and angry nun Tajra Green (superherofae) all missed rent this month, and the mob is here to collect. Tigre Blanco, local super hero (Drakkel), actually did pay her rent, but finds her car a victim of their path for cash. Can the crew stop Pompadour Rex, star general of the Black Fire Gang, from destroying all of their stuff?

This session was recorded using an older version of the preview adventure, and some rules and abilities have changed. Most notably, in the previous version, a bunch of characters had abilities that activated during other peoples' turns, and we constantly forgot about them. They were removed, both because of the forgetting and to speed up gameplay.

This session is also available on youtube! Experience the game how it was meant to be - with a grid and lots of forgetting how dice work.

In addition, if you are reading this the very day it went up, Team Frog Nugget (lead by today's superherofae and QuantumFizz) are doing a 24 hour charity stream right over here! Check that out, asap.

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