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Retail Magic 1: Nyo Refunds

Posted on July 30th, 2015

It just so happens Scarlett de Flor (Drakkel) and Debentiel (PoorWeather), long before they played their parts in the averting of the 13th Age's catastrophe, worked in a small Horizon shop, Curios George, with the mischievous Pinot (Eliza), the earnest Barnold (0rangesicle), and the driven Yves Pommecappe (Medibot). 

Some might say they were the finest junior sales team ever assembled. Others would argue that their dire internal competition indicates otherwise, but so it goes the item shop business. Herein lies the tale of Scarlett's first day on the job, with an overflowing bargain bin of dungeon junk and a lurking shelf of bubbling mystery potions.

Six Feats Under Presents: Retail Magic
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