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Skull Diggers Alpha Playtest

Posted on May 2nd, 2020

Hey folks! This episode is video only! You can watch it on Youtube or on our website.


There is a darkness in this land, deep down in its bones. Bones so old and twisted they bleed monsters. There's opportunity down there, deep down in the bones.

Opportunity... and death.

Every few months, a new bone breaks the earth, cracks open, and unleashes a new hell upon this land. Those unfortunates with nothing better to do must go in and bleed the bones dry, before they overrun the surrounding peoples.

You are one of those unfortunates: a Skull Digger. One who digs down into the bones of the world, kills the Things you find there, and brings back their treasures to show for it.

Skull Digging is dangerous, deadly, and unwise. Nobody with better things to do would venture into the bones, not if they can help it. But the world's a mess, you've got nothing to your name, and if you dig deep enough, you might pull enough riches from the earth to live a life you'd never be able to have legit.

Gather some friends. Gear up. Steel yourselves. Dig deep.

The marrow's fresh this morning, and those old bones won't break themselves.


Six Feats Under presents… The Skull Diggers Playtest!


Skull Diggers is now available on Kickstarter

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