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The 14th Age

Posted on January 1st, 2017

The 13th Age may be over, but the world thrives on. Plucky reporter Lyn gua Franka (Poorweather) finds surprising camaderie with a batch of all-but-randomly selected fellow sellswords Grub (Ikks), Explorer "Plora" Trib (Gnome), Guns of the Navarwndes (Nate), and Vardissa (Drakkel). Tasked by the surreal scientists Rituelle and Hollandaise to retrieve a cube of peculiar matter, the five are drawn into a bent dimension by unknowable minions of the Outsider. This is our final fond farewell to the Dragon Empire!

Six Feats Under presents 13th Age... one last time
Music by Possibly Holly Bones • Thylacinus Fuzzy Proxy

Intro by Wade!

Grub's Character Sheet

Grub's (old Fighter version) Character Sheet

Explorer Trib's Character Sheet

Vardissa's Character Sheet

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