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World Wide Wrestling 2-2: All-In Brawlin’

Posted on April 25th, 2015

Hel-lo everyone, this is World Wide Wrestling! Since you last tuned in, two formidable new wrestlers have debuted: the ferocious Captain Cay (Ikks) and the calculating Professor Cluesworthy (Gnome)!

Welcome to what must be the finest second part to a podcast you've heard today! Last time, The Can Opener (Ambisagrus) crushed newcomer Captain Cay and Professor Cluesworthy proved once and for all Eve Young (Drakkel) is the daughter of the legendary Max Young-- and picked up a win by disqualification, while he was at it! The second half of our program notes have sadly been rendered useless, as our veteran Tommy the Cat called for an All-In Brawlin', meaning just anyone could rush in and win! And who did win, I wonder..? This is Jane Dorian, and welcome back to World Wide Wrestling!

Six Feats Under Presents: World Wide Wrestling
This session uses the additional "Season One" gimmicks.
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